Zero Carbon World

Zero Carbon World’s aim is to clear the confusion, bureaucracy and profiteering surrounding decarbonisation. We show that substantial reductions in carbon emissions can be achieved through simple and cheap solutions.

We donate electric car Charging Stations to businesses in the hotel and leisure industries to promote the adoption of electric cars and help those who already drive one.

Switching to electric vehicles will dramatically reduce the UK’s carbon emissions. The second report from the Zero Carbon Britain project shows that emissions from personal transport accounts for approximately 40% of the UK’s transport carbon output. Our charging network, ZeroNet, helps to reduce this figure.

Zero Carbon World also sell EV products to challenge high industry prices, low quality technology and unreliable Charging Stations. Our prices are fair to everyone and represent the best value in the industry. We believe that quality products that are accessible to everyone is what’s needed to encourage mass adoption of electric vehicle technology.

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