Holly’s TED Talk about F-Rated

Why does it matter who tells the stories we see on screen? Holly’s very personal experience illustrates why the person who tells the story – and who the story is about – makes a difference.

You know Holly Tarquini as the Executive Director of Bath Film Festival.

This is her TED talk, delivered at the brilliant TEDxYouthBath just 4 days after the end of BFF2016 about the F-Rating.

Watch it, and then share it with everyone you know.

Winner of the 2016 IMDb New Filmmaker Award

By Riley Madincea who won the 2016 IMDb New Filmmaker Award for

Help! I’m Trapped in a Movie

Winning the IMDb New Filmmaker Award has been the absolute jewel and crown of making my first film.

As someone who never went to film school and never made a film before, to take a crowd-funded project to a festival as well regarded as the Bath Film Festival and win an award as well-recognised as this one seemed like a glorious impossibility. But it happened!

Even with each step we got closer I still couldn’t quite take it in “We’ll never get accepted – oh, we did, but we’ll never get shortlisted – oh, we did! Well we’ll never win the thing – oh, we what?!”

The venue, the selection, the audience, the judges – even without winning – the night would’ve been an award in itself.

I know of no better opportunity to have your first work recognised and your future work supported than this Award, and I am humbled and dumbfounded that my film somehow won. I’d encourage every first-time filmmaker to enter because if I can win it, literally anyone can.

To see the stills form the evening, click here.

Extra ways to enjoy cinema at Bath Film Festival 2016

Bath Film Festival’s ever-popular screening programme will be accompanied this year by three extra attractions – a comedy celebration of Bath in celluloid being staged in collaboration with the city’s much loved Natural Theatre Company, a visit from a Finnish duo who are revolutionising how film locations can be celebrated, FanGirl Quest, and two events in partnership with Bath’s Children’s Literature Festival.

The Naturals’ Bath: The Movie event will run at regular intervals throughout the weekend of November 5 and 6 and will find actors from the company leading hour-long walkarounds to Bath places featured in screen scenes, with the added twist of weaving the locations and their characters into an as yet unmade Bath movie.

The FanGirl Quest visit results from a partnership with the Bath Film Office and will happen on Friday 10 November in one of Bath’s most famous film locations – The Assembly Rooms. It will begin with a ‘how to’ presentation about scene-framing followed by a chance to watch, (and capture a screen frame from), the Keira Knightley period drama part-shot in the venue, THE DUCHESS.

The first link-up with the Children’s Literature Festival will be a screening on Sunday 6 November of FREAKY FRIDAY, chosen by Lauren Childs, author of the best-selling CHARLIE AND LOLA books and followed by a Q&A with Lauren and book signings.

The second will be a screening on Sunday 12 November of the newly-released SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS, attended by its director, Philippa Lowthorpe, writer Andrea Gibb and some of its child actors, and followed by a Q&A exploring how they transformed Arthur Ransome’s classic series of books, begun in 1930, into a film for modern audiences.

Festival director Holly Tarquini says: “We are even more excited than usual by the range of great films and events that we are putting on this year. We’ve secured some truly wonderful premieres and previews and we are delighted to be working with the Natural Theatre Company, FanGirlQuest and Bath’s kids’ lit fest on events which let the public explore cinema in a fresh and wonderfully engaging way.”

Tickets for all #BFF2016 events and screenings are on sale now via www.bathfilmfestival.org.uk or the Bath Box Office within the city’s main tourist info centre at Abbey Chambers, Kingston Parade, Bath, BA1 INL; telephone: 01225 463 362. Updates are also available from Bath Film Festival on Facebook or @bathfilm on Twitter.

The principal funders of the Bath Film Festival 2016 are the BFI (British Film Institute), Bath Spa UniversityPukka HerbsGWR and the Internet Movie database (IMDb).

Media queries:

For more info, images, logos, interviews, etc, please contact:

Pam Beddard, Festival Publicist – +44 (0) 117 987 0442/ 07767 621207; pam.beddard@btinternet.com

F-Rated films get 50% share of preview-packed programme

Bath Film Festival expects to become the first in the UK, and possibly the world, to give equal attention to male and female filmmakers when it presents its 26th annual programme of new and classic cinema screenings and related events at venues across the city from November 3 to 13.

The festival is already in the international spotlight for its pioneering introduction of an F-Rated classification to indicate films which give fairer on or off screen roles to women – a system now being used by scores of other festivals and cinemas

Now #BFF2016 is taking the initiative even further by unveiling an 11-day screenings programme in which exactly half of the 46 full length feature films and documentaries on screen will have been directed or written by a woman &/or give a significant role to one or more female characters.

Festival director Holly Tarquini says: “Of course there are festivals which focus entirely on women’s films, but it looks as though Bath Film Festival is the very first general interest one in Britain, and probably worldwide, to deliver a 50:50 programme while still only selecting really great movies: our number one criteria for all the films we show.”

For more details about the festival’s F-Rated screenings click here.

Further evidence of the festival’s commitment to equality and diversity is its introduction this year of

a LGBT+ strand called Queer Film and the addition of an Asian film showcase to its traditionally popular world cinema selections

Tickets for all events and screenings are on sale now via www.bathfilmfestival.org.uk or the Bath Box Office within the city’s main tourist info centre at Abbey Chambers, Kingston Parade, Bath, BA1 INL; telephone: 01225 463 362. Updates are also available from Bath Film Festival on Facebook or @bathfilm on Twitter.

The principal funders of the Bath Film Festival 2016 are the BFI (British Film Institute), Bath Spa UniversityPukka HerbsGWR and the Internet Movie database (IMDb).

– ends –

Media queries:

For more info, images, logos, interviews, etc, please contact:

Pam Beddard, Festival Publicist – +44 (0) 117 987 0442/ 07767 621207; pam.beddard@btinternet.com

Help BFF bring more outdoor and pop up screenings to you

Can you give us £5, or indeed £5000 – pretty please?

As you know, the festival is expensive to run. We want to bring you more outdoor movies and more pop up screenings.

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign with a target of £5,000, particularly for an inflatable screen – like this. Once we have it, we will be able to bring more of these events to Bath.

PLEASE do donate whatever you are able to give to help us bring more great events to Bath. No amount is too small, no amount too large.

Thank you xxxxx

The Story of Two Photographs

By finalist Natalie Ekberg (far left, above)

Bath is a beautiful city and any opportunity to visit is a good one, but none of them could possibly top our reason for being there on 9 June 2016. Being one of the ‘final five’ writers nominated for the IMDb Script to Screen Award 2016, would no doubt feel pretty special to any screenwriter; but let me tell you this : for an emerging screenwriter – it means the world. I know, because marching determinedly towards the lovely Komedia, I felt pretty invincible. (And I didn’t get lost; which would normally be the case!)

Once inside, I was greeted by wonderful Holly and introduced to my fellow finalists. They were all warm and friendly and just like me, giddy with excitement. Then, it was time for the first group photograph of the evening. There we were: happiness, hope and expectation glaring from that photograph.

The evening continued with class: interesting interviews with the judges, excellent performances of exceptional scripts, lots of laughter, and, my favourite: the break! Yes, the break was great, because the nerve–racking moment of having your script performed and even worse, stepping in front of the audience for a short interview, was over. Now, it was time to relax and mingle! I had a chance to talk to wonderful young actors who performed in my script and discuss my main character with beautiful Shona, who portrayed her so well! The atmosphere was buzzing, with the audience kept busy voting for their favourite script.

Finally, the judges returned and the winner was announced. Amanda Richardson and her screenplay ‘Dig’ was truly special and she is a lovely girl, so everybody was genuinely happy for her.

When we posed for our final photograph, this time together with the judges, I couldn’t help but think that this shot would come out differently: there would a little sadness in all of us, because honestly, we all wanted to win.

Only upon further reflection does one realise that the event itself was the actual win: it was one of those evenings that will never be forgotten. It will definitely propel us towards writing more and better, to aim higher and to believe in ourselves. And for that, I will forever be grateful.

P.S Good luck to Amanda with the actual shooting of the movie. I certainly hope to return to Bath to watch it; any reason to go back to Bath works for me!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’

By John Metcalfe (far right above) whose script, Bicycle, which he co-wrote with Edward Hicks, was a finalist for the 2016 IMDB Script to Screen Award.

The old adage: ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’ could have been written with me in mind.

Having written my first spec script at the age of 15, here I was 40 years later still dutifully honing my craft and entering as many screenplay competitions as possible – more in hope than any great expectation.

Throughout those long years all I had to show for my blood, sweat and (many) tears was a runner up place in a national competition in 1985. That was, as it turned out, a blessing as it introduced me to my writing partner Edward Hicks who was then a young actor.

It was Edward who emailed me the link to the 2016 IMDb Script to Screen Award and suggested I dig out an old short we had worked on over the years called ‘Bicycle’ and submit it to the competition.

It may be a cliché but quite honestly I had forgotten all about it, so imagine my surprise when the email from Holly popped into my inbox to say we had been shortlisted.

In fact I had to read the email several times before it sunk in. Yes, this was me. Shortlisted for a prestigious award. Unbelievable!

There was no way I wasn’t going to take advantage even though it meant a long haul down from Leeds and an overnight stay in Bath before the long haul back.

Having met up with an equally delighted Edward, we made our way to Komedia where we enjoyed what must go down as one of the most thrilling evenings of our lives.

From the initial welcome from Holly to the first photo call with our fellow finalists, the stage was set.

Bicycle was first up, and to hear our words read so superbly by the four talented young drama students was an absolute delight. Going up on stage afterwards was nerve-wracking, but Holly was great and Edward is an old hand at that kind of thing so I was pleased he took the lead.

Each of the shortlisted scripts offered something different and it was a pleasure to share our fellow finalists’ joy at seeing their work performed.

After the interval the judges gave their verdicts. Edward and I were thrilled by the positive feedback on ‘Bicycle’ offered by Ashley Pharoah. However, Amanda Richardson fully deserved the plaudits for her script ‘Dig’ which the audience also voted as their favourite.

One of the highlights was having time to chat to the young students, our fellow finalists (who were all brilliant) and the wonderful judges who gave us fantastic encouragement.

I am still buzzing from the experience. It has given me a new belief in my writing. I just hope I don’t have to wait quite as long to repeat the elation this ‘success’ has brought me.

F-Rating resources: press, partners, films

The F-Rating launched at Bath Film Festival in 2014 and has been building momentum ever since. Here are just some of the articles, videos, radio interviews and partners of the rating.

For more information, contact Holly Tarquini hello@bathfilmfestival.org.uk

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Some F-Rating Partners

Our Partner for the F-Rating at the 2015 festival was the wonderful Pukka Herbs, this was an interview they did with Holly

The F-Rating is now rolling out across Film Festivals and Cinemas across the UK.

We have over 40 partners including including:

Queens Film Theatre, Belfast

Chapter in Cardiff

Plymouth Arts Centre

Underwire Film Festival

Wales One World Film Festival

Keswick Film Club

Poetry Film

Pop-up Docs

Example of F-Rated film at Saffron Screen

F-Rated Film Recommendations

The brilliant Sophie Mayer recommends F-Rating films each week

A list of up-coming F-Rated films (a resource for programmers)

A list of F-Rating films which Peter Lindberg has watched

F-Rated on Social Media

The F-Rating on Facebook

The F-Rating on Twitter

F-Rating website is under construction and will be live soon!